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Paro Concierge has partnered with the Charlie West Condo development to provide an array of concierge services. Staff will be present on-site at set times and residents will be able to get in touch via email, phone and text outside those hours so that we can attend to all requests in a timely manner. Paro will provide services yet to be seen at any current developmetns in the Tri-Cities. 


Paro On-Site Concierge Hours:

  • Friday 2:00pm - 8:00pm 
  • Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm 
  • Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm 

Please Note: We will also be available via email, phone, text or WhatsApp 7-days a week from 9:00am - 7:00pm. All of the above timing is subject to changed based on the demands and needs of the building.



By setting-up an account with Paro, you will be able to take advantage of services more easily by charging to your account and receiving a bill at the end of each month. 


Concierge Services

  • Interact with tenants when on-site to see if their needs are being met or if we can assist with anything they may need.
  • Introducing residents to local restaurants, bars, fitness/yoga studios and local shops.
  • Help introduce residents to each other to create a community within the building.

  • Provide regular updates about service offerings through Paro Concierge to promote those living in the building to meet new people. Including but not limited to the following:
    • Organized dog walks for residents with a guide. ($)
    • Trips to Sporting events and Concerts with our preferred providers. ($)
    • Organized trail walks for seniors.
    • Game and card nights.
    • Social and seasonal events/gatherings.
  • Moving services (move-in or move-out) ($)
  • Arrange handyman services (i.e., Hanging a TV, assembling furniture, etc.) ($)
  • Arrange car detailing services. ($)
  • Arrange condo cleaning services. ($)
  • Arrange Private Pet services (walks, check-ins, feedings, etc.) ($)
  • Arrange Pet Taxi services for Vet and Grooming appointments. ($)
  • Holiday specific offerings and promotions in conjunction with our partners. ($)
  • Coordinate errand running services. ($)
  • Coordinate sending or delivering packages for residents. ($)
  • Coordinate bike ride groups and tours for residents.
  • Coordinate bike repairs and service. ($)
  • Coordinate car services and airport transfers through our preferred partners. ($)
  • In conjuction with Paul Puncher Menswear - arrange for closet organization/cleanout, tailoring, private appointments for suits and designer menswear/sportswear along with womens jeans.
  • Personal Training & Fitness Services on-site through our preferred partners. ($)

  • Ask Anything - we are here to help, if you are in need of a particular service not listed, please contact us!

Please Note: Anything listed above with ($) beside it means there are fees attached that will be billed by Paro. 


Cleaning Services

* Full Name
* Email Address
* Phone Number
* Suite Number
Please provide your suite number at Charlie West.
* Frequency of Cleaning
Please let us know how frequently you would like your condo cleaned.

* Initial Consultation
Please provide some dates and times you are available for the initial consultation with the cleaner.
Additional Details
Please provide any details that you feel we should be aware of prior to our consultation.

Moving Services

* Full Name
* Email Address
* Phone Number
* Suite Number
Please provide your suite number at Charlie West.
* Date of Move
Please provide the date of your move to Charlie West.
* Pick-Up Time
Please provide the time you would like the movers to arrive.
* Pick-Up Location
Please provide the location we are picking up from.
* Description of Items
Please provide list of items we are picking up including number of boxes, what furniture is being moved along with any other items.
Special Instructions
Please provide any details that we need to be aware of when we arrive.