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What Is

Lifestyle Management?



"Our business model can be applied at the pre-contruction level or integrated into established condo communities"


Lifestyle Management, by definition, is rooted in the health and wellness sector.  It stems around the idea of programming, designed to promote a positive lifestyle.


Within the high-rise development and condominium community, let's apply this same concept of programming-in a positive lifestyle, to condominium living. 


The Paro team is applying programming in the form of Lifestyle Services, Clubs, On and Off-Site Events, and Business Partnerships, all designed to promote an optimized lifestyle of living.


Our lifestyle management business model can be applied to pre-construction planning at the development level or integrated seamlessly into established condo communities. 


We're Enhancing Lifestyles that developers and their sales & marketing teams have Envisioned for their developments.


We are aiding high rise condo communities to further establish a sense of exclusivity and desirability in their residence with #LIFEEASIER living.







Service At Your Fingertips




Building A Community







Paro introduces tower residents to modern lifestyle management.  We provide an elevated living experience by holding on-site hours that make your living experience simple and easy. A friendly face, an easy answer, and building relationships.

Our network of partnerships with established quality businesses in the community allows us to provide members with pre-eminent service. We build Preferred Partner relationships to bring deals and discounts to your front door.

We host sophisticated events and community experiences on and off site year round.  We create programming, clubs and expand the building community beyond the development walls.  We keep you looped in to what's happening locally to make your social planning easy. 







Testimonials And Reviews


Explore what our residents are saying about their Paro experiences!  



Our full-service business model is customized to your tower's needs.  We provide On and Off site hours that fit the desire of the building. We provide discounted member services, customized events and programming that completes the #LIFEEASIER experience in your building.

We provide pay-by-use Services and Events directly to residents, without the condo corporation commitment.

The building is supported by a network of service partners, creating a sense of exclusivity and connection in the building.
We integrate quickly and seamlessly into your condo community. 

Subscribe and unlock discounted member access to our Services, our Ticketed Events, and our Product Partners.  Step into exclusive Preferred Partner discounts at local hot spots, regardless of your residence in Kitchener - Waterloo. The true #LIFEEASIER club in KW! A monthly fee that you can cancel anytime. 



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