Future Condominium Development





If you are a Developer or Condo Board

and interested in what Paro Lifestyle Management can offer your development and future residents, 

please contact us.












Envision Paro In Your Tower



We are flexible and willing to discuss options to suit the needs of the developer and most importantly, the residents and owners.

In addition, we will assist property management to provide a customer service vision for the project.




  • Greeting residents and visitors during scheduled on-site hours.
  • Arranging events and social gatherings of various interests.
  • Assisting with move ins and orienting new residents in the building.
  • Connecting you with relevant condo information and property management.
  • Providing arts, entertainment and nightlife recommendations.
  • Booking and coordinating your repair, laundry and cleaning services.
  • Booking and coordinating pet services like dog walking, cat sitting, veterinary visits.
  • Booking and coordinating fitness, personal training, yoga and pilates classes.
  • Setting up group activities like book, coffee and supper clubs, hikes and walks, bike rides and pet walks.
  • Being a point of contact for any general inquiries, concerns and needs within the building.










Coming Up Next...


Q Condos - 20 Queen St. North, Kitchener ON (Coming Soon)


Stay tuned for more upcoming condo developments where we will be offering our Paro Lifestyle Management services. 







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